Alias canFactoryPropertyConfigurer

Checks if a structure has factoryConfigurer method for PropertyConfigurer.

alias canFactoryPropertyConfigurer(alias T, Z, string property = "") = canFactoryPropertyConfigurer!(typeof(T),Z,property);
template canFactoryPropertyConfigurer(T, Z, string property = "") ;

This static interface is used to find annotations that can provide a PropertyConfigurer for GenericFactory to be used by it to configure the object. The @setter annotation implements this annotation and therefore it is possible to use it to mark a setter to be used for object construction. Any annotation implementing this interface can be used by annotation system to configure objects.

Alias canFactoryPropertyConfigurer

Template canFactoryPropertyConfigurer


struct Setter(Args...) {
    Tuple!Args args;

    this(Args args) {
        this.args = args;

    PropertyConfigurer!T factoryConfigurer(T, string method)(Locator!() locator) {
        auto method = new MethodConfigurer!(T, method, Args)(args.expand);
        method.locator = locator;

        return method;


T the structure to be tested for interface compatibility
Z the type of object that T has to call T's property method
property the method of Z that T has to call


true in case of structure implementing static interface, false otherwise.