Interface ConfigurableContainer

Buildable/configurable instantiatiator with factories, and aliasing.

interface ConfigurableContainer
  : Container
  , Storage!(aermicioi.aedi.factory.factory.Factory!(Object),string)
  , AliasAware!string
  , FactoryLocator!(aermicioi.aedi.factory.factory.Factory!(Object),object.Object) ;


get Get a Type that is associated with key.
getFactories Get all factories available in container.
getFactory Get factory for constructed component identified by identity.
has Check if an element is present in Locator by key id.
instantiate Sets up the internal state of container.
link Alias a key to an alias_.
remove Remove an element from Storage with identity.
resolve Resolve an alias to original identity, if possible.
set Save an element in Storage by key identity.
terminate Destruct all managed components.
unlink Removes alias.