Module aermicioi.aedi.factory

The package provides a set interfaces that standardise the implementation of Factory objects. It provides as well a basic set of such objects.

The containers defined in container package use them to construct the objects contained in them.


  • factory.d -> provides basic interface for foactories that can be stored in library containers (DI containers). Implement a new kind of factory only when a totally different instantiation logic is required comparing to default one in this package.
  • generic_factory.d -> provides a set of interfaces that allows to split instantiation logic in smaller parts, that are encapsulated in respective objects. It provides a default implementation of GenericFactory which is an extension of Factory interface that permits to build instantiation logic out of smaller parts. Use/create classes implementing interfaces provided here when, only a part of instantiation logic is required to modify, or add.


Default implementations when encounter a LocatorReference in argument list for a constructor or method, interprets it as a reference to an object located in container, and therefore fetches it from container and uses it as argument instead of LocatorReference object.