Module aermicioi.aedi.configurer.register.factory_configurer

This module provides fluent api based configuration of components with custom configuration errors.


autowire(factory)Autowire a constructor, field or a method.
callback(factory, dg, args)Construct component using a delegate.
callback(factory, dg, args)Call dg on an component that is in configuration phase.
construct(factory, args)Construct component using args.
container(factory, storage)Move constructed data from one container to another one.
factoryMethod(factory, factoryMethod, args)Invoke T's method to create component of type X.
parent(factory, delegated)Instantiates a component using as basis some third party factory.
parent(factory, source, identity)Instantiates a component using as basis some third party factory.
proxy(factory)Mark constructed object to be provided through a proxy instead of directly doing so. Object will be proxied only in case when the storage where it is stored support storing of proxy object factories.
set(factory, args)Invoke component's method with supplied args.
set(factory, arg)Set component's public field to passed arg.
tag(factory, tag)Tag constructed data with some information.
value(factory, value)Instantiates a component using a value as basis.